Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blog Post Assignment #1

Krissy Venosdale and Sugata Mitra are both teachers and are trying to figure out better ways to help children of the future gain knowledge and learn while going through school. Now a days children go to school with our different technology and still pick up books to read and learn from. But according to Sugata Mitra's video, our brain has a particular section in it that shuts down the entire brain operation when it feels like it is under attack. So he raised the questioned "How can our children learn if their brain is shutting down when they are asked to preform on tests?" In krissy Venosdale's blog she talks about a dream school that she wishes she could build. In this school she wanted to make the environment comfortable. cosy, and calm, that way the children did not feel like they were learning at all. She goes on to say, "Learning is not about covering the curriculum, but having the children dig deeper then what they are required to do.

What I Want My Students To Know.

I would want my students to know that it is not about passing a test or making the highest grade in the class. Learning is about understanding and comprehending the material that is being presented to them. i would also want them to know how important math is to society, and that without it, the world would have no sense of direction to calculate the meaning of things. Also I would hope to teach them that not everybody can be a genius and that they do not have to prove anything to anybody except themselves.

What I would want my students to be able to do.

I would want my students to be able to do math without having to rely on technology. Even though technology will always be in our presence, the best source of information is within you. Also I would like them to develop problem solving skills, so that they do not have to rely on anyone else but themselves. Although I do think that when you work with a team you need to be able to convey what you are trying to communicate to them. The word team can be described as the following four words: Together everyone achieves More.

My primary way of teaching my students in what I want them to know and to do.

I would use teaching methods that would allow my students to use what they have learned in applicable settings that could come up in the real world. I want them to be able to figure out whether or not they are paying the right price, getting the most for their hard earned money. Also I want them to be able to better themselves for future generations.

Tools that I would use inside the class room.

I would use hands on experiments, along with technological backing to inspire them to want to learn more than what I am teaching them. I do not think it is a good idea to make students sit in a classroom for an hour two hours or how ever long they are there for listening to someone preach to them. I think it would be better for them to do more hands on activities and keep them involved in the class rather than them sit there and take notes.

The role my students would play in the classroom.

I think more children these days learn more by doing then, sitting there taking notes. So I would require them to do projects, presentations, and have fun while in class and learning. I believe that if the students are having fun while learning they do not realize that they have learned and therefore be wanting to learn more and keep on learning. They would not just play the role of a student, they would also play the role of a teacher. Teaching fellow classmates about something is a great way to learn and understand what they themselves are learning.


  1. It's important that students don't worry about making the highest grade. They should focus on comprehending the math because it's easy not to retain anything when you spend time racing the rest of the class. Sometimes it is better to make a B or a C and still retain most of the lesson.

  2. "I would want my students to be able to do math without having to rely on technology." Would you say the same thing about telling time?

    And another question: Do you think all teachers should be able to meet the math standards you would set for your high school students? Shall we evaluate the math skills of all EDM310 students this semester? What do you think we would find?