Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Practice Blog assignment

My beautiful Pitbull Drake. He is my best friend.Me playing baseball out of the country. This was the group of guys that were with me and my team. Also this photo was taken on Andrew Jones's home field. I am twenty-two years of age, I have a girlfriend and my beautiful dog. My dog is one of the most misunderstood breed of dogs, yes I am talking about a pitbull. I have two brothers and both of my parents. Even though I am away from them, technology still allows us to stay close. Both my parents were teachers, and now they are at the stage of retirement. My oldest brother still live back at home and works and goes to school up there. My younger brother is actually another student here at South Alabama, and is a mechanical engineering major. I have lived Huntsville most of my life. Until I went to college I did not know what it meant to move away from your first home. I chose to come to the University of South Alabama, because I came down on a Spring Break trip, and took a tour of the campus while I was here in Mobile. While on the visit I fell in love with the scenery, the atmosphere that surrounded the school. So in the spring I decided to come on down here and get my college education. I want to enter the field of education because I feel like that is where I am supposed to be. I grew up around teachers and coaches, and I just feel like this is what I was put on this earth to do. When I was fourteen, I went on youth retreat to WORK it. I taught and led others who were older and younger than I was in different activities. Also both of my parents were coaches and thats what I would like to do while teaching. I believe if I can better a child's chances into furthering his/her education then I would consider my life fulfilled. I feel like that I was put here on this earth to teach and educate the young minds of children. What I love to do is play any sport that I can. I love anything and everything about sports, but my first love would have to be baseball, and second would be football. I would love one day to become a Head coach in one of these sports later on in my career. I would like to get better at learning how to study for things. I learn by doing and teaching, so if I could teach a certain subject to someone I could learn what I am trying to learn almost instantly.

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