Thursday, July 18, 2013

Blog Post Assignment #14

The Blog Post that Dr. Strange FORGOT!

Read Bellman Receives T3 Leadership Award for Creative Technology in the Classroom.
Summarize the article and then tell what you could learn from Allan Bellman.

What can I learn from Mr. Allan Bellman?

In the article, Bellman receives T3 Leadership Award for Creative Technology in the classroom, the author, Jerra A. Scott gives us a little background into who Mr. Allan Bellman is. He taught for 35 years in the state of Maryland, and then moved to the University of Mississippi. There he began to work with T3 development team to help develop the TI calculators that we now have today. He wanted to help create something that would help give his students a deeper knowledge into the material. He also incorporated this new technology into his lesson plans in hopes of challenging his students to use technology. Throughout his career at Ole Miss, he used many different activities to help his students understand the material. He used toy cars to race them down the halls, the popular video game "Angry Birds", and even a barbie doll bungee course to help relate mathematics and physics to everyday objects. He hopes to inspire his students that want to become teachers, to continue with this type of method when they start teaching.
I think that Mr. Bellman would be an awesome teacher to have. I believe that if he can relate those items to mathematics and physics, why can't I? Throughout this class, I have always wondered how I was going to incorporate technology and project based learning into math. But, after reading this article I realized that if you think outside the box from normal everyday teaching then you can engage your students to things and objects from outside the classroom. I mean really who wants to sit in a classroom all day and listen to some know-it-all lecture to you. I know I don't, so why would I expect my future students to do the same. But if I incorporated some of these new-found ideas into my lesson plan, then I think I would see a change in attitudes from my students. I think that my students would rather enjoy coming to my class then dread the awful subject of math.

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  1. Chris,

    I think this is a very good post and idea. Good work. And yes, please don't torture your future math students.