Sunday, July 7, 2013

Project #14 PLN #2


  1. Christopher,

    I think the students would enjoy being able to work in groups with this project. How would you grade the group work? Is there a way you could incorporate more technology? How would you do that?

  2. I would like all work sheets destroyed! Anthony's principal agrees! Try it. No more work sheets. projects instead.

    Explaining is incorrectly spelled on Slide 9.

    I am not clear on what the project is and whether it is a group project or an individual project.

    Will you use any of Khan's videos? Why? or Why not?

    This is not really a Project Based Learning Plan. It is a small step away from a very traditional approach to teaching.

    How is technology to be used? You have one reference to looking things up on the Internet.

    How can you connect these abstract activities to the real world? That is essential.

    A start but a long way to go. Not surprising since you have never actually taught and your memories hold sway. But you must think about how and prepare to be a different kind of teacher to survive in a very different world.

    See Elizabeth's comments.