Friday, July 12, 2013

PLN #2 - Final Summary

It has been a long semester and I have found it difficult to keep track of all the new applications that we are learning to use. But when I started using Symbaloo, I realized that I could use this program to keep up with all of these applications. I have used this application on many occasions. Whenever I couldn't find the right application that I need for a particular project or assignment then I would always turn to my symbaloo webmix. It keeps all my favorite applications neat and organized. On my webmix, I have each application color coded so that they would be even more organized. I think that this is a great tool for teachers and students to use. I know I will continue to use this application throughout the rest of my college career and my teaching career.

1 comment:

  1. A PLN is far more than a collection of applications. People are the central part of any PLN (or should be). Where are your people?